How Can Brigade Jobs Help You?

If you’re a business owner in the Bay Area, you may be struggling to find people willing to fill the positions that you need filled. If you’re a blue collar worker in the bay area, you may have struggled to find employment opportunities that fit your skill set. We know what a struggle it is to find the work you need and the workers you need to get the job done. Brigade Jobs is an app that connects members of the blue collar community. We work hard to connect hard-working people with the jobs they need and business owners with quality employees. When you need work done or need to find work, whatever your trade skill, Brigade Jobs is here for you. We make it easy to connect with other blue collar people and get jobs filled. Learn more below.

An App For Blue Collar Employers

If you run a business in the Bay Area, the Brigade Jobs app allows you to post your permanent positions and shift work in a place that makes it easy for potential employees to find you. You can get your shifts filled with skilled workers as far in advance as you need. For a small fee, you’ll have access to hundreds of eager potential employees and never have to scramble to fill a shift again. We find skilled blue collar workers in your area who are eager to apply for your jobs. Post your jobs on the app and wait for workers to find you. Simple and effective.

An App For Blue Collar Employees

Looking for blue collar work in the Bay Area? The Brigade Jobs app allows blue collar workers to find the jobs they are looking for, jobs that are often overlooked by mainstream job search apps. Brigade was made with your skill set in mind. It gives you the ability to find shift work or permanent positions that suit your skills and lifestyle. No more scrolling endlessly through job search sites that don’t cater to you. You can find the perfect job for you on an app that’s made just for you. Open the app and you’ll find hundreds of jobs in the area that are perfect. Take the stress our of job searching with Brigade jobs!

Download the App Today

Looking for work is stressful but Brigade jobs can help take some of the stress out of it. Mainstream job sites often overlook blue collar jobs and skill sets. If you’re a blue collar worker in the Bay Area, or someone looking for skilled blue collar workers in the bay area, this app is for you. We take the struggle out of finding work and workers and we’re proud to connect the blue collar community in the bay area. Connect with people like you who appreciate your skills and want to help you keep your business running. Don’t wait. Download the app today to take the stress out of your job search!