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You've Worked Hard to Build Your Company, and Work Even Harder to Keep it Running Smoothly. Does Posting Help Wanted Ads to Find Skilled Workers Give You a Headache? It Did For Us. We Are Company Owners Who Built Brigade Because We Hated the Current Options Out There That are Difficult to Navigate, Cater to the Tech World or Jam up Our Emails. Brigade Jobs Makes it Easy To Post Help Wanted Ads or Apply For Blue Collar Jobs, And is Exclusively for the Blue Collar Community. Click the button below to get started!

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Brigade Jobs makes it easy to post help wanted ads and find skilled workers to fill permanent positions or individual shifts/temp work. Need someone with a specific skill set to come to the job site for a few hours? Post a shift! No more dealing with staffing agency's, sifting through emails or opening sketchy attachments, view all applicants for each posting in one place along with profile photo, specific skills, resume and certifications. Built to make the hiring process easier!

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Create a profile and apply for blue collar jobs with the click of a button. Like to keep your work life interesting and utilize your different skill sets in different settings? Check the shifts tab daily to see what new opportunities are available! Or if you prefer a more grounded lifestyle, check out the many open permanent positions available

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“After searching different job apps and being unsuccessful finding a job in my desired trade, Brigade Jobs made it easy and convenient to find what I was looking for. After 4 hours I got 2 call backs for an interview and I can gladly say I am now employed all thanks to Brigade Jobs” -That1Guera

"As an employer - it's always challenging to find great talent to join our team who's professional & delivers phenomenal client service. Brigade helps streamline the process and gets the best talent for our business and project needs. Highly recommend!" -pandachina2

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If you’re looking for temporary or permanent jobs for blue collar workers, or to fill temporary or permanent positions for blue collar jobs, our platform is for you. Why scour the traditional job apps when they are not connecting you with the right people? Brigade Jobs makes it easier to find skilled workers and blue collar jobs you need. Stop relying on the mainstream websites that are difficult to navigate or too expensive. Take control of your hiring and click the button below to get started!

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