Get Your Jobs Filled With Us

If you’re looking for skilled workers to fill available positions in your blue collar business, you’ve come to the right place. Posting jobs on the Brigade jobs app is an easy and a great way to reach potential employees and fill your jobs quickly. Join the Brigade Jobs community and find the people you need to keep the business you care about running. Check out our pricing below.

Permanent Position Posting

Need a permanent position filled in your business? Post to Brigade Jobs and find skilled workers for a small, one-time fee of $80. Brigade Jobs help you reach a wide array of people and find someone whose skill set matches exactly what you need. No more waiting around for someone to walk in the door. Find folks easily and quickly with Brigade and advertise your business to let skilled workers find you! Download the app and get started today!

Shift Work Postings

Need a temporary job or shift filled in your blue collar business? Need an experienced welder to come to your construction site for a few hours, or short-term prepper during a busy period at your auto body shop? Whatever the occasion, Brigade is here for you. It’s free to post a single shift job to Brigade Jobs and connect with the skilled blue collar workers you need. Once the position is filled, you’ll be charged a small $10 processing fee and a fee of 15% of the total wages paid to the worker once the job has been completed. It’s simple and easy to do with Brigade. Find the people you need quickly and without the hassle. Don’t wait. Download the app and get started with Brigade today!