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What Does Brigade Jobs Offer?

Most major online job sites are not geared towards blue-collar jobs or specific skill sets. If you are a small business owner or skilled worker in the Bay Area, you have probably struggled to find a job that matches your skill set or the skill sets needed to complete the job. If you need to find work or workers, Brigade Jobs offers a variety of features that makes your search simple and painless. Explore our website to learn more or continue reading below to see how we can help!

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Job Finder App

There are hundreds of job websites and applications available, but Brigade Jobs puts your job search all on one convenient job finder app. With this great app, you can search for jobs anywhere at any time from your smartphone, receive push notifications when a new job is available in the Bay Area, and stay on top of your job search.


For Employees and Employers

Are you a skilled worker in the Bay Area? Are you a small business owner looking for someone with the right skills for the job? The Brigade Jobs app allows employers to post permanent positions and shift work in a place that makes it easy for potential employees to find you. Brigade was made with your skill set in mind. It also gives potential employees the ability to find shift work or permanent positions that suit their skills and lifestyle. Whether you are hiring or looking to be hired, Brigade jobs connect you to the right job or employee.

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Part of the Blue Collar Community

Brigade Jobs is all about creating a community of skilled workers in the Bay Area. Brigade connects you to employers and employees that value the skills your trade requires. Brigade works hard to connect hard-working people with the people, jobs, and businesses that fit them. With a network of like-minded people, you will never scramble to fill or find a job again.

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Helps You Find the Right Job or Employee for You

As a skilled worker or small business owner, the last thing you want is to keep jumping from job to job or employee to employee. The Brigade Jobs app helps you find the job or employee that is the perfect fit. You’ll no longer have to worry about finding a job or employee that values your work. Whether you're looking for construction, electrical, or plumbing jobs, Brigade can help you find a job or employee that cares.

With amazing resources for the blue-collar community in the Bay Area, Brigade Jobs is the right tool for finding skilled jobs and workers. We connect you with people who value your work and want to be part of a great community of blue-collar workers who help each other achieve their goals. The Brigade Jobs app takes all the worry out of finding skilled work and workers in the Bay Area. Why wait? Download our app today.